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Sex fetishes are specific situations or objects that are used to sexually arouse a person. In some case it is considered a sexual disorder if it has detrimental effects on a person’s life or it causes significant distress for the person. Most people struggle with their strange fetishes and the fear of rejection from other people. Getting an escort who can fulfill their sexual preferences reduces the chance of rejection and the privilege of being honest about their desires. There are different types of Heathrow escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/heathrow-escorts and escort services which are readily available in most places around the world. There are a number of different kinds of sex fetishes from different kind of people around the world. A number of them might be dangerous and deadly.

  1. Choking Fetish

This fetish involves choking your partner and cutting off the circulation of oxygen while stroking at the same time. It is considered an intense activity since it allegedly increases sensations and intense orgasm due to lack of sufficient oxygen in the brain. This can lead to untimely death of an individual due to suffocation and a jail sentence to the other person by the authorities.

  1. Amputation Fetish

This is a sexual fetish that involves an individual expressing a desire for amputation of specific body parts like limbs and the arms. A person with this fetish has a strong desire to look like an amputee. Most people with this desire normally injure themselves knowingly to force a medical amputation. This measure can result to a severe injury and fatal complications to one’s body if done forcefully without consulting a medical care to get amputated. The desire for amputation can be obsessive and is considered a disorder. It also involves sexual desire for an amputee.

  1. Feces Fetish

This a sexual fetish that is felt when the person involved comes into contact with feces and gets the desire to taste, feel or smell the feces. It is an obsessive interest and sexual pleasure associated with feces. This attraction to defecation and feces for sexual excitement is unhealthy behavior and it can cause a serious infection or a disease to a person. Some of individuals with this behavior enjoy defecating on someone or watching people defecate on them. Sexual pleasure can be derived from rubbing one’s genitals through the feces as well.

  1. Cannibalism Fetish

People with cannibalism fetish get sexually aroused by the idea of eating another person or being eaten or watching this process. It relates to sexual arousal from oxygen restriction, suffocation and seeing someone die. Most of this behavior is based on fantasy since it is impractical in the society.

  1. Filth Fetish

It is a way of obtaining sexual arousal from chewing, smelling or rubbing against an underwear that is dirty. It is a sexual reliance which depends and relates to dirty or soiled materials and used menstrual pads. Persons with this fetish may be attracted to persons covered with mud, dirt, feces or vomit to give them sexual arousal by rubbing, tasting and smelling it. It is an abnormal attraction to filth. This behavior is dangerous to one’s health since a person is exposed to infections and diseases from all kind of filth.




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