Dress Code

银河国际网址it is expected that all students shall dress appropriately in order that the educational process is not disrupted. harvest hill steam academy students are encouraged to participate in the uniform only dress code. no student shall be penalized or discriminated against if the student does not comply with the school uniform policy .  our state legislature recognizes that school attire can positively influence student behavior, in and out of the classroom.  improved student behavior leads to better academic performance.  wearing a school uniform reduces distractions, improves community and school spirit, helps prevent bullying, prevents on-campus violence, streamlines morning routines, lowers clothing costs and most importantly encourages other ways for students to express themselves.  


Monday-Tuesday Uniform Attire 
Wednesday- Spirit shirt with Uniform Bottoms or Uniform attire
Thursday- Uniform Attire
银河国际网址 Friday- College shirts with Uniform Bottoms, flex bottoms or Uniform attire

Harvest Hill Uniform Includes:

TOPS: Navy or White Polo shirt, short or long sleeved without an HHSA logo that you may purchase from a store of your choosing. You may purchase a white polo shirt short or long sleeved with a logo from our designated supplier.  Gray Polo shirt, short or long sleeved must have a logo and be purchased only through HHSA designated supplier. T-shirts are not permitted unless it is a College shirt or Spirit shirt and only on designated days. If a student is not participating in College or Spirit days than a uniform must be worn. 
Bottoms: Black, Navy, and Khaki, all plain bottoms may be purchased from our designated supplier or a store of your choosing. Styles include pants, shorts, and skirts; plaid skirts, rompers and polo dresses may only be purchased through our designated supplier.  No sagging or oversized pants. Students may NOT wear leggings or stockings under shorts. No torn or frayed pants or pants with holes in them are permitted. Shorts, skirts, rompers and polo dresses must reach the wearer’s fingertips, bloomer type shorts must be worn under skirts, rompers, and polo dresses.
Flex Bottoms: Bottoms of your choice, ex: jeans, leggings, shorts, pants, and skirts. Flex bottoms must be within dress code standards.  No torn or frayed bottoms or bottoms with holes in them.
Hats and Beanies: Hats and beanies must be a plain solid color without any writing or logos. Hats or beanies with college or university logos are permitted. Hats and beanies are only to be worn outside.  They are to remain off while inside the classroom and school buildings. No hoods or head coverings are to be worn inside any building. Hats must be worn properly with the brim facing forward.   No bandanas are allowed at school.
Sweatshirts, Jackets, Sweaters or Hoodies: are Flex choice for 2019/2020 school year.
Socks, Shoes, and Leggings: Full length Leggings and tights may be worn under Skirts, Polo dresses and rompers only.  Leggings and tights with holes are not permitted. All shoes are to be closed-toe and encompass the entire foot. Open-toe shoes pose a safety risk and are not allowed on campus. 
PLEASE NOTE: In any and all cases concerning interpretation of school’s Dress Code, the school administration reserves the absolute right to determine what constitutes proper compliance.

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